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Port of Subs
Port of Subs Logo.png
Restaurant information
CityReno, Nevada (1975; 46 years ago (1975))
A former Port of Subs restaurant in American Fork, Utah

Port of Subs is a franchise of submarine sandwich shops located exclusively in the western United States and headquartered in Reno, Nevada.[1]

It was founded in Sparks, Nevada, under the name "Sub Shop" in 1972. John Larsen purchased the company in 1975[1] and renamed it Port of Subs after holding a community-wide contest for its new name. Between 1975 and 1985, ten more shops were established before Port of Subs became a regional franchise.[2] The shop currently has more than 140 locations throughout the western United States. It can be found in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.[3]

The company is a listed sponsor of the Arizona Soccer Association.[4]


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