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Home-made port sausage (Sosis Bandari) with sliced tomato and kosher dills

Port sausage (Persian: سوسیس بندری, Sosis Bandari) is an Iranian food, usually served in sandwich shops in Iran in the form of a sub or meal. It contains sausage, onion, tomato paste, ground chilli pepper and other spices.[1] The Dehkhoda Dictionary of the Persian language defines port sausage as very hot and spicy sausage dish which is common in Khuzestan Province.[2]


The word "bandar" means port and "bandari" means from the port. While there are many ports in Iran, the word is usually used to refer to southern Iranian port cities and towns of the Persian Gulf. Sosis Bandari means sausage from the port or port-style sausage.


The main ingredients include sliced sausage, sliced onions, tomato paste, and ground chilli. Optional ingredients may include turmeric, chopped green pepper, diced potato, curry and lime juice. The sausages usually used for this dish taste like Polish kielbasa, smoked sausage and hotdog.

Serving and use[edit]

Port sausage is a hot thick stew, usually used as a filling for submarine or baguette sandwiches. When used as a meal, it is usually served with submarine or baguette bread, sliced kosher dills and sliced tomatoes. Medium- and lower-class fast food or sandwich shops in Iran usually have port sausage (sosis bandari) on their menu.


Port sausage is very popular among high school and college students in Iran,[3] as it is usually very cheap and inexpensive. While famous for being cheap and prepared from low-quality ingredients, the taste and popularity keep people interested after school and college time. It is considered a nostalgic cuisine among Iranian immigrants and can be found in some Persian restaurants outside Iran as well.[4]

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