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Winnipeg Route 85
Winnipeg Route 85
Portage and Main as seen from Portage Ave Eastbound.JPG
Corner of Portage and Main as seen from eastbound Route 85
Other name(s) Portage Ave
Part of PTH 1 (TCH) (Trans-Canada Highway)
Yellowhead Highway
Maintained by City of Winnipeg
Length 14 km (9 mi)
Location Winnipeg, Manitoba
West end PTH 100 (TCH) south / PTH 101 north (Perimeter Hwy)
PTH 1 (TCH) west (Portage Ave)
Route 96 south (Moray St)
Route 90 (Century St)
Route 70 north (Maryland St)
Route 70 south (Sherbrook St)
PTH 1 (TCH) east / Broadway
Route 62 (Colony St / Memorial Blvd)
Route 42 south (Donald St)
Route 42 north (Smith St)
Route 57 west (Notre Dame St)
East end Route 52 (Main St) / Route 57
Known for Junction of Portage and Main
Looking west down Portage Avenue, one of Winnipeg's busiest streets.

Route 85, also known as Portage Avenue, is a major arterial route in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is one of the city's oldest and most important roads and is part of both the Trans-Canada and Yellowhead Highways.

Route description[edit]

Route 85 begins in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, at the corner of Portage and Main (Route 52), and runs southwest through the downtown to Broadway. From Broadway to the west Perimeter Highway (PTH 100/101), it runs concurrently with the Trans-Canada Highway (PTH 1). Route 85 ends at the Perimeter Highway interchange, however, Portage Avenue continues 1.5 kilometers west to the official city limit, after which PTH 1 continues west into Headingley. Portage Avenue is also the first leg of the Yellowhead Highway from Winnipeg to Edmonton, which branches off PTH 1 on to PTH 16 near Portage la Prairie.

Route 85 is a six-lane road for its entire length and passes by major destinations such as Winnipeg Square, the MTS Centre, Portage Place, Polo Park Shopping Centre, and Assiniboia Downs. It is also the main link (via Route 90) between the city's downtown and airport.[1]

Portage Avenue East, which extends a short distance east from Portage and Main to Shaw Park, is not part of Route 85.


The origin of the route stems from its use as a part of an old Red River ox cart trail.[2][3]

The (red river) carts left deep ruts in the soft prairie turf, so deep that the wagons tended to spread out, the right wheel of one cart travelling in the wake of the left wheel of the cart ahead; thus, the prairie trails could be as much as twenty carts wide, a phenomenon that helps explain the many broad streets in Winnipeg. Portage Avenue is the widest thoroughfare in Canada and was known as Queen Street during the period from 1891 to 1893 as part of a failed scheme to introduce a numbering scheme to Winnipeg's streets. It is actually part of the old trail that led west to Portage la Prairie and then on to Edmonton.

Major intersections[edit]

Major intersections for Route 85 starting from Main Street and heading west to the Perimeter Highway.

km District Intersecting Road Notes
0 Downtown Route 52 (Main St) / Route 57 east / Portage Ave East see Portage and Main
begin Route 57 east concurrency
Yellowhead Highway begins
100m Route 57 west (Notre Dame Ave / Fort St)
200m Garry St south
300m Route 42 north (Smith St) Burton Cummings Theatre access
400m Route 42 south (Donald St) MTS Centre and Cityplace access
Route 57 east concurrency ends
500m Hargave St north
600m Carlton St south Convention Centre access
800m Kennedy St south
900m Vaughan St north Portage Place access
1 Route 62 north (Colony St) / Route 62 south (Memorial Blvd) Manitoba Legislative Building and Winnipeg Art Gallery access
1.2 West End Balmoral St University of Winnipeg
1.6 Furby St
1.75 Route 70 south (Sherbrook St)
1.8 Route 70 north (Maryland St)
2 PTH 1 (TCH) east (Broadway) begin PTH 1 (TCH) concurrency
2.3 Arlington St Vimy Ridge Memorial Park
3 Dominion St RCMP Division 'D' headquarters
3.5 Wall St north
4 Valour Rd north
4.5 Empress St north Polo Park access
4.9 St. James St
5 St. James-Assiniboia Route 90 (Century St) Winnipeg airport access (north)
7 Overdale St north Assiniboine Park access (pedestrians and cyclists only)
9.3 Route 96 south (Moray St)
10.7 Sturgeon Rd north Grace Hospital access
11.6 Westwood St south
13.3 Buchanan Blvd north
14 PTH 100 (TCH) south / PTH 101 north (Perimeter Hwy) Route 85 ends
PTH 1 (TCH) (Portage Ave) continues west to Headingley, Portage la Prairie, and Brandon

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