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The annual Portage Ceramic Awards is New Zealand's premier ceramics event. Established in 2001, the awards are funded by The Trusts Charitable Foundation and administered by Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery (formerly Lopdell House Gallery). A national award, the Portage Ceramics Awards also acknowledge Waitakere City’s long history of ceramic practice, dating back to 1852.[1]

The competition[edit]

Entry is available to artists of New Zealand citizenship. The annual awards are judged each year by a different international judge, usually from the field of ceramics. An open call is made for entries, and since the third award onwards the judge has selected a group of finalists for exhibition. An exhibition is held at Te Uru and a publication produced.


In 2013 two international residencies were announced as part of the awards: the Guldagergaard residency in Skaelskor, Denmark, awarded to Richard Stratton and a residency in Medalta, Medicine Hat, Canada, awarded to Melissa Ford.[2]

In 2014 a workshop scholarship to the Peters Valley School of Craft in New Jersey was awarded to Chris Weaver.[3]

Award winners[edit]

Judges and winners of the Portage Ceramic Awards
Year Judge Premier award Runner-up or residency award Merit award or Artist award
2001 Mitsuo Shoji Tony Bond, Qumbilicums Ted Dutch, Chris Weaver
2002 Michael Keighery Richard Parker, Signals Kate Fitzharris, Sanderson Kindleysides, Aidan Howse
2003 Julie Bartholomew Penny Ericson, Six Days in a Southern Landscape Ann Verdcourt, Susannah Bridges, Amanda Shanley
2004 Patsy Hely Raewyn Atkinson, Cape Evans 2 John Roy, Danny Rowlandson, Aya Sato
2005 Robert Bell Merilyn Wiseman, Arctic Rim Helen Yau, Claire Barton, Phillipa Durkin
2006 Bill Samuels Peter Lange, Lilo Owen Bartlett, Mark Mitchell, Danny Rowlandson
2007 Jeff Shapiro DeAnne Lawford-Smith, Keeping Quiet and Heart of Glass Greg Barron, Tim Holman, Katherine Smyth, Onlie Ong, John Parker
2008 Grace Cochrane Matt McLean, Scaled Heights Madeleine Child, Philipa Durkin, Tim Holman, Michael Michaels, Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee
2009 Scott Chamberlin Joint winners: Madeleine Child & Philip Jarvis, Doodads & Doodahs and Widespread Occurrence of Possible Symbioses / Jim Cooper, Drug Jars and Vendor Phillipa Durkin, Emily Siddell, Kristy Palleson, Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee, John Parker
2010 Stephen Bowers Kirsty Gardiner, Secrets A Jar Greg Barron, Georgina Caulton, Kate Fitzharris, Melissa Ford, Rhonda Jameson, Duncan Shearer
2011 Janet Mansfield Bridie Henderson, Feathers Chris Weaver Brendan Adams, Maureen Allison, Kirsty Gardiner, Cheryl Oliver
2012 Paul Scott Jim Cooper, Millbrook Holiday (the league for spiritual discovery) Kate McLean, Fran Maguire,
2013 Amy Gogarty Robert Rapson, Himalaya Serves The World 1949 - Early 70s Mel Ford, Richard Stratton Maria Hewitt, Kim Henderson, Jane McCulla
2014 Takeshi Yasuda Louise Rive, The Space Between Chris Weaver Kate Fitzharris, Madeleine Child, Duncan Shearer, Frank Checketts
2015 Ingrid Murphy Raewyn Atkinson, Wasters III (Accumulate) John Parker Virginia Leonard, Paul Maseyk
2016 Janet DeBoos Caroline Earley, Clinch VI Greg Barron Susannah Bridges, Jim Cooper, Mark Goody & Emily Siddell
2017 Emma Bugden Richard Stratton, Forced Turn Teapot Andrea du Chatenier Cheryl Lucas, John Parker, Amanda Shanley
2018 Bari Ziperstein Sang-Sool Shim and Keum-Sun Lee, In the Beautiful Dream Jim Cooper, Andrea du Chatenier, and Rick Rudd

Further information[edit]

An annual publication is produced by Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery. National Library of New Zealand catalogue record.


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