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August 29[edit]

1861 - Battle of Hatteras Inlet Batteries

1862 - Second Battle of Bull Run

August 30[edit]

1862 - Second Battle of Bull Run

1862 - Battle of Richmond

August 31[edit]

1864 - Battle of Jonesborough


September 1[edit]

1862 - Battle of Chantilly (Ox Hill) - Attempting to cut off retreat after the Second Battle of Bull Run, Major General Stonewall Jackson's troops attacked two Union divisions under Philip Kearny and Isaac Stevens in a pouring thunderstorm, killed both commanding officers, and forced the Army of Virginia under John Pope to retreat to Washington D.C.

1863 - Battle of Devil's Backbone - Colonel William F. Cloud's force of cavalry and artillery was ambushed by a brigade under William Lewis Cabell in the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas. Regrouping under the umbrella of artillery fire, Cloud's troops defeated their ambushers.

1864 - Battle of Jonesborough

September 2[edit]

1861 - The Battle of the Mules - Colonel James H. Lane's Kansas cavalry brigade encountered a much larger Confederate infantry force at Big Dry Wood Creek, Vernon County, Missouri. After skirmishing which lasted two hours, Lane's cavalry retired, abandoning its mule train to the Missouri State Guard under Major General Sterling Price

September 3[edit]

1863 - Battle of Whitestone Hill - An Iowa cavalry detachment surrounded and attacked a Sioux camp, but the timely arrival of commanding general Alfred Sully and his Nebraska reinforcements repelled the Sioux counterattack; the Sioux eventually broke under the firepower and fled, hotly pursued

1864 - Battle of Berryville - Joseph B. Kershaw's infantry division attacked Colonel Joseph Thoburn's VIII Corps at the end of daylight and turned one flank before reinforcements prevented Union defeat in Clarke County, Virginia

September 4[edit]