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February 21[edit]

1862 - Tangier - Confederate officers detained by U.S. consul James De Long, but were soon released

1862 - Valverde -

February 22[edit]

1864 - Okolona -

1864 - Dalton -

1865 - Wilmington - Federal troops capture city. Lee places Joseph E. Johnston in command of forces in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee.

February 23[edit]

1864 - Richmond, Virginia - Buyers' panic causes whisky and food prices to rise greatly.

February 24[edit]

1863 - Arizona Territory separated from New Mexico Territory

1864 - Washington, D.C. - The rank of Lieutenant General approved by U.S. Senate; Armies of the Confederacy were charged to Braxton Bragg

February 25[edit]

1862 - Nashville, Tennessee - Nashville falls to Union forces

1864 - Battle of Dalton I -

February 26[edit]

1863 - U.S. President Abraham Lincoln signs the National Banking Act into law.

February 27[edit]

1864 - The first Northern prisoners arrive at the Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia.

1864 - Battle of Dalton I -