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Nominations for The Amphibians and reptiles Portal

This is the nominations page for "Selected article of the month" and "Selected picture of the month" sections of the Amphibians and reptiles Portal. Here is how it works:

  • Scope:
* "Selected article of the month" can be any article related to amphibian, reptile, or herpetology. The article needs not to be a featured article, but it must be of good quality, well-written and provide a related picture that can be used in this portal (note that some fair-use images aren't not allowed in portalspace).
* "Selected picture of the month" can be any picture from wikipedia or wikimedia commons that is related to amphibians and reptiles. It doesn't have to be a featured picture but it must be a picture that is allowed for the use in portalspace and must have proper copyrights/licenses if not a public domain image.
  • To make a nomination, just add the article or picture in the nominations lists. If it is a picture, add names of photographer and uploader as credits.
* Each person can have a maximum of THREE article nominations and THREE picture nominations in the nominations lists at any given time.
* If you have created or contributed extensively to the article/picture yourself, please add "yes" in "self-nomination" cell.
  • To vote for an item, just add your name in the "Votes" cell of that item
* Each person may vote for ONE item per section.
* You may change your vote anytime.
* You are not allowed to vote for your self-nominated article/picture.
* The nomination with the most vote in each section will be presented in the portal at the beginning of the month and it will be removed from the nominations lists.
* If two or more items got the same amount of votes, the item higher on the list will be selected
* The Template:AARportal will be posted in the talk page of the selected article/picture to congratulate and show appreciation to the article/picture's contributors. See instruction how to use the template here
* When the item you voted was selected, you may (and should) vote for a new one. So you are recommended to check this page at the beginning of each month.

Enjoy !!!

Selected article of the month nomination list[edit]

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Article Nominated by Self-nominated? Votes
Snake scales --Melanochromis 21:47, 2 July 2007 (UTC) No
Komodo dragon bibliomaniac15 BUY NOW! 22:13, 4 July 2007 (UTC) Yes Shrewpelt
Northern Red-legged Frog Shrewpelt No
Cane toad B14709 Yes

Selected picture of the month nomination list[edit]

See also: "Selected picture" archive
Picture Caption Credits Nominated by Self-nominated? Votes
Litoria phyllochroa.JPG A Leaf Green Tree Frog, (Litoria phyllochroa) Photo by User:Froggydarb No
Anolis oculatus at Coulibistrie-b01.jpg Male Dominican Anole (Anolis oculatus) extending its throat fan (dewlap). North Caribbean ecotype (A. o. cabritensis). Coulibistrie, Dominica. Photo by User:Postdlf User:Elekhh No
[[Naja oxiana IMG 9612.JPG A Caspian cobra (Naja oxiana) also known as Oxus cobra or Central Asian cobra in a magnificent posture Photo by User:Sebastian80 User:DendroNaja No User:DendroNaja