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Did you know ... ?

A rhomboidal crab with long legs on a black background.

A brown spider carrying an egg sac over water.

A red-and-yellow striped hermit crab leans out of a cone shell.

An medium-sized orange-brown butterfly with darker brown wing margins and a few wing spots.

False-colour SEM of a citrus yellow mite.

A brown-bodies scorpion with paler appendages.

A slender red insect with yellow and black stripes, long wings, and an ovipositor as long as its body.

A grey woodlouse on the parched earth of the Tunisian desert.

A black pill millipede, with white borders to each segment.

A mass of pale, pinkish thin-shelled crustaceans with flattened white claws.

A spider's web stretches across a small river running through a tropical forest.

A hermit crab, whose shell is hidden by three large sea anemones on it.

Pogonomyrmex californicus (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Mottled wingless insect with large mandibles and numerous setae.

A hermit crab carrying two large sea anemones on its shell.

Two dark red fleshy growths are attached to the gills of a fish.

A pink segmented animal with extensive black shading with its head inside a snail's shell.

A small, black winged insect with a long neck, encased in amber.

A small, brown earwig on a leaf.

Fossil of a giant ant, with a rufous hummingbird, showing the similar size of the two.

Illustration of Eurypterus tetragonophthalmus from J. Nieszkowski's 1858 "De euryptero remipede".

A large green shield bug with black and yellow marginal markings.

Dorsal and ventral views of firefly Photinus carolinus.

Engraving of a butterfly, showing colour bands on all four wings, and clubbed antennae.

Emerita analoga (Decapoda: Hippidae)

A fossilized imprint of a large-winged insect

Potamon ibericum (Decapoda: Potamidae)

Mesobuthus eupeus (Arachnida: Buthidae)

A tiny black insect with feathery wings; the entire body is around 0.5 mm long.

A tiny light brown insect with feathery wings; its body is around 0.4 mm long.

An orange-red lobster-like animal with no claws, seen from the side.

Several large goose barnacles, covered in large white scale-like plates.

A metallic green blowfly.

A black and cyan dragonfly.

A medium-sized crab, with claws outstretched, with a yellow body, grading to black in the centre of the carapace.

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