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Welcome to the Australian roads portal.

This portal is designed to give an overview of articles associated with the roads in Australia, predominantly with a focus on the roads themselves, but also on their history, associated infrastructure, and other related topics.

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Abbotsford Bridge from the riverbank on the Victorian side
Abbotsford Bridge from the riverbank on the Victorian side

Abbotsford Bridge
Bridge in New South Wales, Australia

Abbotsford Bridge is a steel Allan truss-type road bridge that carries the Silver City Highway across the Murray River, between Curlwaa in New South Wales, and Yelta in Victoria, Australia. It is the only remaining steel truss bridge with a lift span that crosses the Murray. Opened in 1928, the bridge was built by the NSW Department of Public Works and was designed by Percy Allan. It was the second last vertical-lift bridge to be built over the river, the last being the Nyah Bridge, which opened in 1941. (Full article...)

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... that at a cost of A$812 million, the South Road Superway in Adelaide is the biggest single investment in a road project in South Australia’s history?
... that Brisbane's Airport Link tunnel was toured by visitors on a preview walk nine days before it opened?
... that the 1862 opening of the second Causeway in Perth, Western Australia, was disrupted by a young man on horseback who raced across after announcing that he would be first to do so?

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