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An Australian rules match in progress

Australian rules football, less formally known as "Aussie rules", or simply "footy", is a code of football which originated in Melbourne, Australia – the rules were chiefly created by Thomas Wentworth Wills.

The game is played between two teams of 18 players (plus interchange players), on cricket ovals or similar-sized grassed arenas which vary in size and may be up to 185 metres (600 ft) long; these are much larger than those used by other codes of football. The game is also distinguished from other games by the fast, relatively free movement of the ball (partly due to the absence of an offside rule) and the awarding of a free kick for any clean catch – known as a mark – of a ball which has been kicked more than 15 metres (49 ft). Spectacular high marks, or "speckies", tackles and fast, fluid play are the game's main attributes as a spectator sport. Despite the game's sometimes rough physical nature, players do not usually wear protective clothing. Although it is a winter sport, pre-season competitions usually begin in late February (that is, in the Australian summer); the football season proper is from March to August, with finals being held in September.

Australian Football League

The Australian Football League is the elite, professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football. It was formerly known as the Victorian Football League (prior to 1990), and was established in 1897.

See 2016 AFL season for information on this year's AFL competition.

Team Current
Founded Joined
AFL Adelaide Icon.gif Adelaide Football Club Crows 1990 1991
Brisbane Lions Lions 1996 1997
CarltonDesign.png Carlton Football Club Blues 1864 1897
AFL Collingwood Icon.jpg Collingwood Football Club Magpies 1892 1897
EssendonDesign.svg Essendon Football Club Bombers 1871 1897
AFL Fremantle Icon 2011.png Fremantle Football Club Dockers 1994 1995
AFL Geelong Icon.jpg Geelong Football Club Cats 1859 1897
AFL Gold Coast Icon.jpg Gold Coast Football Club Suns 2009 2011
AFL GWS Icon.jpg Greater Western Sydney Giants 2009 2012
AFL Hawthorn Icon.jpg Hawthorn Football Club Hawks 1902 1925
AFL North Melbourne Icon.jpg North Melbourne Football Club Kangaroos 1869 1925
AFL Melbourne Icon.jpg Melbourne Football Club Demons 1859 1897
AFL Port Adelaide Icon.jpg Port Adelaide Football Club Power 1870 1997
AFL Richmond Icon.jpg Richmond Football Club Tigers 1885 1908
AFL St Kilda Icon.jpg St Kilda Football Club Saints 1873 1897
AFL Sydney Icon.jpg Sydney Swans Swans 1874* 1897
AFL West Coast Eagles Icon.png West Coast Eagles Eagles 1986 1987
AFL Footscray Icon.jpg Western Bulldogs Bulldogs 1877 1925

Other Leagues

Apart from the AFL, which is the only elite, fully professional league in the sport of Australian rules, there are numerous other leagues, at state level or amateur level. See List of Australian rules football leagues in Australia and List of Australian rules football leagues outside Australia.

Main leagues at state level include:

Some clubs from AFL Canberra, Northern Territory Football League and Queensland Australian Football League have formed the new North East Australian Football League, with its first season in 2011.

Australian rules football outside Australia


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A Melbourne University player takes possession of the ball in the 2007 VWFL Grand Final won by the Darebin Falcons.
Women's Australian rules football (also known as Women's Aussie Rules, Women's footy, Women's AFL or in areas where it is popular, simply football) is a fast growing sport played at senior level in Australia, United States, England, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. At junior level, it is also played in Papua New Guinea, Argentina and South Africa. At a schoolgirls level, it is also played in Tonga and Samoa...

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An Australian rules football match at the Richmond Paddock, Melbourne, in about 1866. The building in the background is the Melbourne Cricket Ground pavilion.

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Women's Australian rules football is the female version of the Australian rules football played in approximately 8 nations.

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