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Selected picture 1

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/1
State flag of Bolivia, from the xrmap flag collection 2.9.
Credit: Denelson83
The flag of Bolivia adopted on October 31, 1851 by the government of Manuel Isidoro Belzu

Selected picture 2

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/2
The coat of arms of Bolivia
Credit: Ysangkok

Coat of Arms of Bolivia

Selected picture 3

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/3
Laguna Colorada, Punta Grande in the background
Credit: Phil Whitehouse

A llama in the Laguna Colorada, a shallow salt lake in the southwestern Bolivian sector of the Altiplano.

Selected picture 4

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/4
Cochabamba - El Prado
Credit: Alfredo Vasquez Meza


Selected picture 5

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/5
Cristo de la Concordia in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Credit: Jimmy Gilles

Cristo de la Concordia statue in the city of Cochabamba, a symbol of Catholic influence in Bolivia.

Selected picture 6

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/6
Lake Titicaca on the Andes from Bolivia
Credit: Skykid 123ve

Lake Titicaca

Selected picture 7

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/7
The ice has melted because of global warming.
Credit: Ville Miettinen

The world's highest ski resort at the Chacaltaya glacier in La Paz, Bolivia.

Selected picture 8

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/8
The Licancabur Vulcano and the Green Lake
Credit: Valdiney Pimenta

The reflexion of the Licancabur volcano on the green lake.

Selected picture 9

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/9
An aerial view of Valle de la luna in Bolivia
Credit: Guttorm Flatabø

Valle de la luna

Selected picture 10

Portal:Bolivia/Selected picture/10
Los Yungas is deemed the most dangerous road in the world.
Credit: Elias Bizannes

Los Yungas in Bolivia, one of the places with most rainfall in the world.

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