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Selected pictures list[edit]

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/1

The Palace Bridge in Saint Petersburg in the morning.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/2

The Trinity Bridge in Saint Petersburg in the morning.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/3

Mankellbron, a combined transport road and railway bridge in Sveg, Sweden.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/4

The expansion of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, where good water supplies are laid on with the aid of Dutch engineers, with many blocks of flats and busy traffic, digging a water reservoir, dredging of canals with a crane, restored lift bridge, former city hall and warehouses.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/5

Footage of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge wobbling and eventually, collapsing, 7 November 1940.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/6

The Rolling Bridge in Paddington Basin, London.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/7

Fences and cattle grids have been put up to protect the animals from the motor traffic. A special viaduct will also arise so the deer can cross the road safety.

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/8 Portal:Bridges/Selected video/8

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/9 Portal:Bridges/Selected video/9

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/10 Portal:Bridges/Selected video/10

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/11 Portal:Bridges/Selected video/11

Portal:Bridges/Selected video/12 Portal:Bridges/Selected video/12


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