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Khan Boris I converts to Christianity.

The Christianization of Bulgaria is the process of converting 9th-century medieval Bulgaria to Christianity. Prior to the Christianization, the First Bulgarian Empire was one of the last remaining pagan states of Europe.

Following the conquests of Khan Krum of Bulgaria from the beginning of the 9th century, Bulgaria raised as an important regional power in Southeastern Europe. Its future development was connected with the Byzantine and East Francia. Since both of these states were Christian, pagan Bulgaria remained more or less in isolation, unable to interact on even grounds, neither culturally nor religiously.

In 864 Khan Boris I was secretly converted into Christianity in his palace in Pliska by Byzantine clergymen. Upon the news of the conversion all 10 komitats (provinces) in Bulgaria revolted. Boris I managed to handle the revolt and the Christianization continued smoothly. However, he knew that the Byzantine influence could become dangerous and exploited the conflict between the Patriarch of Constantinople and the Papacy in Rome to gain an autonomous Bulgarian Church.