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The Calgary Stampeders (at right, in red) versus the Montreal Alouettes.

Canadian football (French: football canadien) is a sport played in Canada in which two teams of 12 players each compete for territorial control of a field of play 110 yards (101 m) long and 65 yards (59 m) wide attempting to advance a pointed oval-shaped ball into the opposing team's scoring area (end zone).

In Canada, the term "football" may refer to Canadian football and American football collectively, or to either sport specifically, depending on context. The two sports have shared origins and are closely related but have some key differences.

Rugby football in Canada originated in the early 1860s, and over time, the game known as Canadian football developed. Both the Canadian Football League (CFL), the sport's top professional league, and Football Canada, the governing body for amateur play, trace their roots to 1880 and the founding of the Canadian Rugby Football Union.

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The Canadian Football Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit corporation located in Hamilton, Ontario that celebrates great achievements in Canadian football. It is an open to the public institution. It includes displays about the Canadian Football League, Canadian university football and Canadian junior football history. It includes a gift shop and the Hall recently opened a website. The main feature of the Hall is the central portion of the museum where inducted members, each with a metal bust depicting their head, are displayed. There are also featured displays that highlight each Canadian Football League team's history, and an interactive field goal kicking exhibit.

Once during every CFL season, the Hall sponsors the induction ceremony of former players. Included in the "Hall of Fame Weekend" is an affiliated Hamilton Tiger-Cats game. Traditionally, the inducted players will come to the Hall and make an acceptance speech in front of the building where their newly sculpted bust is unveiled. A player must be retired from the game for at least five years before being eligible for consideration. A Hall of Fame voting committee is composed of sports writers, selected CFL executives and inducted members.

The Canadian Hall of Fame officially opened on November 28, 1972. It is located in downtown Hamilton, beside the former Hamilton City Hall and Family Courts Building, which is inside the former Andrew Carnegie library on Main Street, between Bay Street and MacNab Street.

The Canadian Hall of Fame is easily identified by the slightly-larger-than-life metal sculpture Touchdown, featuring a successful receiver being tackled. Currently, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame has honoured over two hundred inductees: sixty-two in the Builders category and one hundred and forty-seven players. Charter membership to the Hall began on June 19, 1963.


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Michael Lutrell "Pinball" Clemons OOnt (born January 15, 1965, in Dunedin, Florida, U.S.) is the current Vice-Chair for the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League. Clemons also played with the Argos for twelve seasons, and twice served as their head coach.

His #31 jersey is one of only four that has been retired by the Argos. He is one of their most famous former players and also one of the most popular professional athletes in the history of Toronto. Clemons has stated that he feels CFL football is the best football in the world. Clemons is 5'6" (167 cm) tall and weighs 170 pounds (77 kg).


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Of course he’s good….he’s from Florida.

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  • Spearing: An unnecessary roughness penalty of 15 yards imposed when the player drives his helmet into an opponent in an unnecessary and excessive manner. The referee's signal is a chopping motion above the head.
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Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton) panorama.jpg
Commonwealth Stadium is a sports stadium located in the Norwood Area of Edmonton, Alberta.
Primarily used by the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. The stadium is owned and operated by the City of Edmonton.

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