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  • Heller House

...that the Heller House (pictured) marked a turning point in Frank Lloyd Wright's shift to Prairie School architecture?


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Chicago Theater

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  • Burnham Park

...that Meigs Field in Chicago, Illinois, sits on the site of Burnham Park (pictured), which was a serious contender to host the United Nations Headquarters?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/3

...that Man Enters the Cosmos (pictured) is one of four Henry Moore sculptures in Chicago, two of which are at National Historic Landmarks?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/4

  • StateStreetc1907.jpg

...that after the 1871 Great Chicago Fire, the Loop Retail Historic District (pictured) was Chicago's premier retailing district until it was replaced by commuter suburbs and the Magnificent Mile?

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Portal:Chicago/Did you know/6

  • Adriana Pirtea

...that Adriana Pirtea (pictured on right in picture) lost the 2007 Chicago Marathon to Berhane Adere when Adere slipped down the side of the street and crossed outside of the finish-line tape?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/7

...that George Lilja (pictured) once played a Michigan Wolverines football game wearing another player's jersey, confusing many of his fans?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/8

  • Heller House

...that the Heller House (pictured) marked a turning point in Frank Lloyd Wright's shift to Prairie School architecture?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/9

  • Al Wistert

...that the All-American Wistert brothers Albert (pictured), Alvin and Whitey wore number 11 and played offensive tackle as University of Michigan Wolverines before being named to the College Football Hall of Fame?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/10

  • Arts Club of Chicago

...that the Arts Club of Chicago (pictured) arose from the success of the Art Institute of Chicago's handling of the Chicago showing of the Armory Show?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/11

  • Crown Fountain

...that Chicago's Crown Fountain (pictured) displays LED images of faces, which typically create the illusion of puckered lips spouting water?

Portal:Chicago/Did you know/12

  • Jesse Jackson, Jr.

...that despite Al Gore's efforts to appease Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Jesse Jackson, at the 2000 Democratic National Convention they agreed that endorsing Gore was like taking castor oil?