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Main Project Pages
How to Join the Project ?
Templates for the project
  • The following templates can be used on pages in Wikipedia to associate them with the Indian Christianity WikiProject.

Main templates

  • {{portal|Christianity}}Template to add to MAIN pages of all Christianity-related articles
  • {{ChristianityWikiProject|indian-work-group=yes|class=|importance=}} : Template to add to TALK pages of all INDIAN Christianity-related articles
  • {{User WikiProject IndianChristianity}} — Userbox for members to advertise our Indian Christainity Wiki project!
  • [[Category:Christianity in India]] Category tag to Indian Christainity related articles.
  • {{subst:Welcome2WP-IC}} Welcome msg to New Members.
  • {{subst:Invitation2WP-IC}} Invitation msg to Interested Users

Stub templates

What Should I do ??
  • These are lots of things you can do to improve the quality of Wikipedia coverage of Christianity in India and this project :-
    • Place the WPChristianity banner {{ChristianityWikiProject|class=|importance=|indian-work-group=yes|indian-importance=}} on the head of Talk Pages of relevant articles.
    • Help and contribute to Christianity in India related Articles.
    • Identify and Add Categories to All related articles.
    • Work on requested articles.
    • Look over the recent changes list for recent improvements to articles, other changes, and vandalism.
    • Attract interested Wikipedians in Christianity in India,its history and other related topics. Welcome New Members.
    • Improve the WPChristianity banner that goes at the head of Talk Pages to handle tags for unreferenced, copyedit needed, cleanup needed, expansion needed, and POV warning.
    • Article Review, for articles nominated by members for wider review. In this case the new ones go at the top and sink as new ones are added.(see here).
    • Add more reward templates (barnstars), and have people in the task force actually watching logs and rewarding key contributors to the project.
    • Help in Assessment of relevant articles.
    • Give help on Open tasks
    • Watch Talk page for related discussions.
    • To write as many Did you know articles as possible related to Christianity in India.
    • To produce as many Featured Articles and Good articles as possible related to Christianity in India.
    • Join and help the main project of WikiProject Christianity and WikiProject India.
    • Build and contribute to parent portals Portal:Christianity and Portal:India..
    • Build and contribute to our Portal:Christianity in India.