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A computer generated image of a modern single-lens reflex camera used in photography, another key imaging technique.

The most widely recognised form of computer-generated imagery are three-dimensional (3D) animations seen in movies and commercials. This term can also apply to other forms of computer generated images such as modern Graphs, Engineering drawings, Information graphics, Diagrams and Graphic designs.

Technological advances and the productivity of computer aided design (CAD) and drawing techniques relative to more traditional forms of design like technical drawing has seen a steady increase in the use of these techniques over time and this trend looks set to continue.

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A fractal landscape is a surface generated using a stochastic algorithm designed to produce fractal behaviour that mimics the appearance of natural terrain. In other words, the result of the procedure is not a deterministic fractal surface, but rather a random surface that exhibits fractal behaviour. Many natural phenomena exhibit some form of statistical self-similarity that can be modeled by fractal surfaces. Moreover, variations in surface texture provide important visual cues to the orientation and slopes of surfaces, and the use of almost self-similar fractal patterns can help create natural looking visual effects. The modeling of the Earth's rough surfaces via fractional Brownian motion was first proposed by Benoît Mandelbrot. Because the intended result of the process is to produce a landscape, rather than a mathematical function, processes are frequently applied to such landscapes that may affect the stationarity and even the overall fractal behavior of such a surface, in the interests of producing a more convincing landscape.
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