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Cultural Heritage of Serbia

Cultural Heritage

The list of Cultural Heritage is a cultural property list (Cultural Property of Great Importance) in Serbia warranting the highest level of the state protection. In order to be on the list, properties must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Embodies special significance pertaining to the social, historical and cultural development of peoples in the nation's history and development of the nation's natural environment;
  • Testifies to crucial historical events and personalities and their activities in the nation's history;
  • Is a unique or rare representation of the human creativity of a certain time period or a unique example from natural history;
  • Exhibits exceptional artistic or aesthetic value.

Selected article

Bubanj Memorial.JPG

Memorial Park Bubanj (Serbian Cyrillic: Мемориjални парк Бубањ, Спомен парк Бубањ; Serbian latin: Memorijalni park Bubanj, Spomen park Bubanj) is a World War II memorial complex built to commemorate the shooting and execution of more than 10,000 citizens of Niš and people from Serbia and other parts of the country, but according to some data, over 12,000 people, and it is located in Palilula municipality of Niš, Serbia. Bubanj Memorial Park was declared a Historic Landmark of Exceptional Importance in 1979, and it is protected by the Republic of Serbia. Learn more...

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