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June 2002 was the sixth month of that common year. The month, which began on a Saturday, ended on a Sunday after 30 days.

Portal:Current events[edit]

This is an archived version of Wikipedia's Current events Portal from June 2002.

  • Sweden passes a law that allows homosexual couples to apply for both the national and the international adoption of children.
  • Singer and Grammy Award winner Robert Kelly (aka R. Kelly) was arrested and charged with having sex with an underaged girl. He was sentenced 2 years.
  • A 32-foot meteor explodes in the airspace west of Kashmir, raising fears that misidentifited meteor explosions could spark a nuclear war.[1]
  • Robbin Crosby of Ratt dies from a heroin overdose.
  • A new terrorist organisation, Al Qanoon, claimed responsibility for an earlier suicide bomb attack aimed at the US consulate in Karachi in Pakistan. 11 people were killed in the bomb attack, and approximately 45 injured. The US has subsequently closed all diplomatic missions in Pakistan.
  • Astrophysics – An asteroid (2002 MN), the size of a soccer field, barely misses hitting the Earth. It was the second closest asteroid approach to Earth in recorded history. The asteroid was first observed three days after its close approach, on June 17, 2002.[2]
  • BT Cellnet is rebranded as O2 at 6 PM.
  • Soap actress Nancy Addison died of cancer.
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