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The Selected picture box on the portal chooses one of the following at random when displaying the page. Follow the instructions below for adding or nominating a new picture to the list.


Football related Featured pictures from Wikipedia or Commons can be added directly to this list without nomination. All other images should be nominated first to ensure that we only display our best work on the portal. The procedure for nomination is at the bottom of this page.


{{Portal:Czech Republic/Selected picture/Layout
[[Category:Czech Republic portal selected pictures|{{SUBPAGENAME}}]]

Note that the prefix Image: is not required when using this template, also - the template will auto-wikilink the article entered in the link= field. Further information on this template can be found at Portal:Czech Republic/Selected picture/Layout.

To add a new article[edit]

  1. Click on the next successive empty entry or red link from this page.
  2. Paste the above layout template if it isn't already there.
  3. Add a free image and caption.
  4. Add the credit line for the author with a wikilink or external link to their profile if possible.
  5. Write two or three sentences in the text field using information about the picture and its subject, you may find it useful to examine the existing entries for an idea of the length required.
  6. Ensure the main subject of the image is in bold and add this same article to the link field.
  7. Preview the page.
  8. Save the page.
  9. Go to the main Portal:Czech Republic page.
  10. Click on edit page.
  11. Update "max=" to its new total for the {{Random portal component}} on the main page. The line which is edited is this one: {{Random portal component|max=4|header=Selected picture|subpage=Selected picture}} Make sure that "max=" is the same numerical value as the image entry added above (i.e. if you added image 43, then max=43)

Selected pictures list[edit]


Myslivny bozi dar lake.jpg
A lake near Myslivny in the Ore Mountains, Czech Republic.

Photographer: Rafael Brix; License: Dual (GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA)


Jindrichuv hradec 2.jpg
Jindřichův Hradec castle in the South Bohemian Region

Photographer: Herbert Ortner; License: Multiple (GNU Free Documentation License, Creative Commons CC-BY-SA and Creative Commons CC-BY


Hradschin Prag.jpg
Panoramic view of Prague Castle

Photographer: Stefan Bauer; License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA


Vranov nad Dyji03(js).jpg
The castle at Vranov nad Dyjí

Photographer: Jerzy Strzelecki; License: Dual (GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA)


Galerella sanguinea Zoo Praha 2011-2.jpg
Slender mongoose at Prague Zoo

Photographer: Karelj; License: Dual (GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA)


Jaroslav Hašek.gif
Jaroslav Hašek, Czech humorist and satirist

Creator: Dějiny Československa; License: Public domain


Karl IV. (HRR).jpg
Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Source: www.bildindex.de; License: Public domain


Satellite image of Czech Republic in September 2003.jpg
Satellite image of the Czech Republic

Photographer: NASA; License: Public domain


PG07ME957 edit.jpg
Dancing House in Prague

Photographer: Matteo Piotto; License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA


Kašperské Hory od Liščího vrchu.jpg
The town of Kašperské Hory with the church of St Margaret, in the Plzeň Region

Photographer: Adam Hauner; License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA


Malá Úpa - Klein Aupa.jpg
The village of Malá Úpa in the Krkonoše

Photographer: Pudelek; License: Dual (GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA)


Saab JAS-39 Gripen of the Czech Air Force taking off from AFB Čáslav.jpg
A Saab JAS 39 Gripen of the Czech Air Force taking off in Čáslav

Photographer: Milan Nykodym, Czech Republic; License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA


Škoda 15T, smyčka Radlická.jpg
A Škoda 15 T, one of the trams in Prague

Photographer: Honza Groh; License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA


Litoměřice Sv Štěpán.jpg
The town of Litoměřice with the cathedral of St Stephen, in the Ústí nad Labem Region

Photographer: Karelj; License: Public domain


Zamek Radun.jpg
Raduň Castle near Opava

Photographer: Multimotyl; License: Dual (GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons CC-BY-SA)


Feel free to add related featured pictures to the above list. Other pictures may be nominated here.

  • Pictures must be
  1. Free to use
  2. Of good (or OK) quality (not blurred, grainy or discoloured)
  3. Interesting
  4. Relevant to an article or topic

Current Nominations[edit]