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Help choose the next selected article of the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex Portal by nominating articles and reviewing nominations. For an article to qualify to be a selected article, it must:

  • Have an assessment of B-class or better
  • Be illustrated with an image or map, if possible
  • Be fully referenced with inline sources

Selected articles also need to be well written, and meet or exceed the guidelines laid out by the Manual of Style. When reviewing a nomination, please include whether you Support, Oppose, or are just making a Comment, and state why you voted the way you did. In order to ensure that the portal will be updated in time, all nominations must be closed at least two days before the end of the current month. Please note that articles have already been chosen for the next 9 months.

When nominating an article, please include the article's assessment class, and why you nominated that article, as well as who you are.

June 2013[edit]