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Fascism-related quotes from Wikiquote or Wikisource can be added directly to this list without nomination, provided they are properly cited. If you have difficulty securing citation for a quote, you can also ask for help at Portal talk:Fascism. To nominate a quote for selection, see the centralized portal maintenance page for a list of current nominations and discussions.


{{Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/Layout
}}<noinclude>[[Category:Fascism portal]]</noinclude>

Note that the prefix Image: is not required when using this template. The template will also auto-wikilink the article entered in the link= field. Further information on this template can be found at Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/Layout.


  • These Quotes subpages are randomly displayed using {{Random subpage}}.
  1. Select a new quote attributed to a different individual than any of those currently quoted below.
  2. Add a new Quote to the next available subpage, using the layout format from the link above.
  3. Add a citation of where the quote was stated on that subpage below the quote.
  4. Update the "Random subpage" start and end values above to include the new Quote.

Quote list

Selected quote

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/1

Benito Mussolini

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/2

Benito Mussolini

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/3

Benito Mussolini
Benito Mussolini, "Diuturna"

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/4

Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky, "FASCISM: What is it and how to fight it"

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/5

Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky, "Fascism: What is it and how to fight it"

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/6

Frederick Augustus Voigt
Frederick Augustus Voigt, Unto Cæsar, 1939

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/7

George Orwell

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/8 Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/8

Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/9 Portal:Fascism/Selected quote/9