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Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister who studied at Jesus College, Oxford

Jesus College, Oxford is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford. Its alumni include politicians, lawyers, bishops, poets, and academics. Some alumni went on to become Fellows of the college; 14 students later became Principal of the college.


Name M G Degree Notes
Athulathmudali, LalithLalith Athulathmudali 1955 1958 BA Jurisprudence President of the Oxford Union (1958); a Sri Lankan politician, who was killed by the Tamil Tigers in 1993
Manley, NormanNorman Manley 1914 1921 BA Jurisprudence; BCL A Rhodes scholar whose studies were interrupted by World War I; Chief Minister of Jamaica (1955–1962); appointed as an Honorary Fellow in 1958
Rushworth, HaroldHarold Rushworth 1898 ? 1901 ? BA Law Emigrated to New Zealand in 1923, becoming an MP for the Country Party in 1928
Seme, Pixley ka IsakaPixley ka Isaka Seme 1906 1909 BCL Founder member of the African National Congress
Thomas, PeterPeter Thomas, Baron Thomas of Gwydir 1938 1946 BA Jurisprudence Studies interrupted by World War II, when he served in the RAF and was a prisoner of war; then Conservative MP for Conwy (1951–1966) and Hendon South (1970–1987), Secretary of State for Wales (1970–1974), and appointed as an honorary fellow in 2001
Williams, DavidD. J. Williams 1916 1918 English Welsh nationalist and writer, who was one of the founders of Plaid Cymru in 1925
Wilson, HaroldHarold Wilson 1934 1937 BA PPE Awarded pre-entry History scholarship but changed degree; served as Prime Minister (October 1964–June 1970 and March 1974–April 1976) and appointed as an Honorary Fellow in 1963
Wilson, HeatherHeather Wilson 1982 1985 MPhil (1984), DPhil in International Relations Republican member of the US House of Representatives, representing New Mexico's 1st congressional district; the first Jesus Old Member elected to the House