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The Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant in France. France produces 80% of its electricity by nuclear power.

Nuclear power is a method for generating energy by harnessing the radioactivity of atoms.

In addition to the nations listed below, several other nations, such as Australia, have research reactors, but no plans to diverge into commercial nuclear power; only the commercial reactors registered with the International Atomic Energy Agency are listed below. Nations are listed first by number of reactors, then by peak power output in megawatts. Regions in italics are added for comparison.

Nuclear power by country[edit]

Country Number of
Power output
Status of nuclear program Constructing Planned or Ordered Proposed Region
World 439 370,721 28 62 162 World
Flag of Europe.svg European Union (details), (List) 147 130,267 2 7 Europe
 United States (details), (List) 104 99,209 1 24 Americas
 France (details) 59 63,363 France produces 80% of its electricity by nuclear power. 1 1 Europe
 Japan (details) 55 47,593 1 1 Asia
 Russia (details) 31 21,743 Nuclear energy development program was adopted in October 2006 7 9 19 CIS