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Portal:Furry/Selected article/1 Bunnies & Burrows is a role-playing game inspired by the novel Watership Down. Players take the role of rabbits as their player characters. Interaction with many different animal species is part of normal gameplay; humans, whose thought processes and motivations are completely alien, are the only monster to be encountered. The game encourages problem solving; outwitting obstacles, rather than out-fighting them.

The first edition, published by Fantasy Games Unlimited in 1976 - only two years after Dungeons & Dragons - is now long out of print, though still actively played. A second edition was printed in 1982. During a rise of "retro" gaming in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Steve Jackson Games entered negotiations with original designers Dennis Sustare and Scott Robinson to publish an official GURPS supplement. In 1988, Steffan O'Sullivan wrote an unofficial conversion, which was reworked and published in 1992 as GURPS Bunnies & Burrows with interior art by Jim Groat. The book is still supported and available in digital form.

Bunnies & Burrows was the first role-playing game to allow for non-humanoid play. It was also the first role-playing game to have detailed martial arts rules (known as "Bun Fu"), and the first attempt at a skill system. It was also the first role-playing game to appeal equally to women as well as men. For its time, the game was considered "light years" ahead of the Original Dungeons & Dragons.

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Portal:Furry/Selected article/2 Furcadia is an MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game), set in a fantasy world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The game is based on user-created content, socializing and free-form roleplaying. Furcadia is not entirely In Character; however, a background world and rule system exist for those who wish to participate. First opened to the public on December 16, 1996, it is the longest continuously running MMO. It was originally designed and programmed by Dr. Cat and Talzhemir.

The character avatar on Furcadia is generally called a "furre", which is usually pronounced "fur", but occasionally "furry". The in-game avatar can be set to one of several species of anthropomorphic animal, including Feline, Canine, Lapine, Equine, Musteline, Sciurine, Rodent, Bovine, and Ursine. Although Furcadia's anthropomorphic animal characters are related to those of the furry fandom, and the game was inspired in part by FurryMUCK, Furcadia has never been intended as an exclusively 'furry' game. A significant portion of Furcadia's playerbase do not identify as 'furries' or have any interest in the furry aspect of the game.

The primary focus of Furcadia is user-created content. To this end, the Furcadia game download includes an art editor and a map creating program. Users are encouraged to create their own virtual worlds, called Dreams, using these tools. These worlds can be uploaded to the Furcadia server and used for a variety of purposes. Downloading and playing Furcadia is free of charge, but several game-enhancing products are available, known in the game as Digos. The game is supported by a unique structured volunteer program called the Beekins, who assist players and enforce Furcadia's rules of conduct.

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