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Updated DYK queryDid you know? section on the Wikipedia Main Page has included interesting facts (aka "hooks") from the following gastropod-related articles. In addition some of the hooks listed were created specially for the Portal and did not appear as a Main Page DYK.

See also: Wikipedia:WikiProject Gastropods/Recognized content.


  • drawing of apertural view of a brown elongate shell
    ... that nothing is known about the anatomy of the 7 cm long freshwater snail Madagasikara johnsoni (shell pictured)?
  • ... that in the computer game Steg, an adult slug feeds young slugs with maggots caught in bubbles of slime?

  • ... that the upthrust of Stark's Knob has been studied using snails between pillows?

  • photo of apertural view of a shell
    ... that both species of freshwater snails in the genus Clappia were thought to be extinct, but Clappia cahabensis (shell pictured) is believed to have survived?
  • right view and dorsal view of a green-brown semi-slug
    ... that there are more species of semi-slugs (example pictured) than of slugs?
  • drawing of apertural view of a sinistral shell
    ... that the shell of Lanistes (pictured) appears to be sinistral, but the body is dextral?
  • A photo of right side of the crawling snail
    ... that Theba pisana (pictured) is an invasive land snail?

  • A drawing of a lymnaeid shell
    ... that Radix natalensis (shell pictured) is a widespread freshwater snail in Africa?
  • ... that the subulinid Euonyma laeocochlis from South Africa has not been collected for more than 100 years since its original description?

  • ... that Otina ovata has huge eyes, no tentacles, and is the only species in the family Otinidae?

  • ... that Lymnaeidae are of major medical and veterinary importance since they act as vectors of parasites?


  • a sea brown land slug
    ... that the land slug Deroceras laeve (pictured) goes deliberately into water?
  • apertural view of the shell
    ... that the Korean mud snail Bullacta exarata (shell pictured) is a commercially important sea snail in eastern China?

  • snail with red-brown shell
    ... that the land snail Laevaricella perlucens (pictured) was figured for the first time 141 years after it was officially described?
  • apertural view
    ... that shells of Achatina vassei (pictured) are held by only two museums worldwide?

  • photo of an blue slug
    ... that the blue Carpathian slug Bielzia coerulans (pictured) is brown when it is a juvenile?
  • portrait
    ... that the German geologist, paleontologist and zoologist Wilhelm Dunker (pictured) was one of the most important malacologists of his time?
  • general view of orange snail
    ... that the land snail Amphibulima patula (pictured) can be either orange-yellowish or brown?

  • apertural (on the left) and abapertural slender shells
    ... that snails from the genus Inchoatia (shells pictured) live only in Greece?
  • ... that a gas slug is not a gastropod?

  • a live Indoplanorbis exustus
    ... that the widely distributed Asian freshwater snail Indoplanorbis exustus (pictured) is an important intermediate host for several trematode parasites?
  • a shell
    ... that the minute land snail Gulella streptostelopsis (shell pictured) may in fact represent an as yet unnamed genus?

  • a yellow snail with brown shell in an aquarium
    ... that within the class Gastropoda there are 33 families that contain species of freshwater snails (one species pictured)?

  • ... that populations of Deroceras rodnae from western Europe (for example from Germany) were identified as Deroceras juranum in 2009, and that these two species are externally indistinguishable?

    ... that Conus ebraeus (a shell pictured) prefers different prey at different localities?
  • Patrick Marshall.jpg
    ... that New Zealand geologist Patrick Marshall (pictured) also studied fossil gastropods?
  • ... that the Belgian malacologist Paul Pelseneer described 43 new marine species?

  • Carved Conch.jpg
    ...that because of its aquatic origin and resemblance to the vulva, the shankha (carved examples pictured) is linked with female fertility and is an integral part of Tantric rites?


  • Fiona pinnata.jpg
    ...that although Fiona pinnata (pictured) lives in open sea worldwide, it cannot swim?

  • Paryphanta busbyi.JPG
    ...that empty shells of the land snail Paryphanta busbyi (shell pictured) explode when they dry out?
  • ...that Quantula striata is the only land snail that gives off flashes of light?

  • Erinna newcombi color.png
    ...that the land snail Euglandina rosea is a significant threat to the freshwater snail known as Newcomb's snail Erinna newcombi (pictured) from Hawaii, because the predatory Euglandina is able to hunt Erinna under water?
  • ...that non-marine molluscs are one of the most imperilled groups of animals: numerous species have recently become extinct?

  • Henry Suter.jpg
    ... that the Manual of the New Zealand Mollusca was written by Henry Suter (pictured) who was from Switzerland?
  • Ignaz von Born2.jpg
    ... that the 18th century Central European naturalist Ignaz von Born (pictured) described numerous marine gastropods?
  • Thomas Frederick Cheeseman.jpg
    ...that botanist Thomas Frederic Cheeseman (pictured) had a wide range of interests: he also described a few species of marine gastropods?