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  • Brede Wiki — Neuroscience wiki with results for neuroimaging studies.
  • CHD Wiki - Wiki for geneticists, clinicians, and molecular biologists studying Congenital Heart Defects.
  • Ecoliwiki - comprehensive information on Escherichia coli
  • GenWiki — Genealogy resource in the German-speaking areas of the world
  • GONUTS - Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System. A wiki-based Gene Ontology term browser. Also allows community curation of GO annotations for any gene.
  • MetaBase — A wiki-database of biological databases (see MetaBase)
  • Metagenes — Student annotations of metagenomic DNA sequences
  • MicrobeWiki — A Microbiology resource
  • NeuroLex - , supported by the Neuroscience Information Framework project, is a dynamic lexicon of neuroscience terms.
  • PDBWiki — A discussion forum for macromolecular structures (see PDBWiki)
  • Proteopedia — Annotation of protein structures and other biomolecules
  • SNPedia — A wiki-database of genetic polymorphisms (see SNPedia)
  • Species-ID — open access resource for biodiversity information
  • SubtiWiki — Up-to-date information for all genes of Bacillus subtilis
  • TOPSAN — Annotation of protein structures
  • WikiGenes — Gene wiki with attribution of each statement [1]
  • WikiPathways — Wiki for curation of biological pathways [2]
  • WikiProteins — Protein wiki for structured data [3]
  • ZebrafishGenomeWiki — Community annotation of the Zebrafish genome [4]