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  • ...that "Foo was here" is an Australian graffiti signature of popular culture, especially known for its use during World War Two, but also became popular amongst Australian schoolchildren of post-war generations. Foo is shown as a bald headed man (sometimes depicted with a few hairs) peering over a wall (usually with the fingers of both hands appearing to clutch over the wall as well), with the simple inscription "Foo was here".
Foo was here.
  • ...that Donald "Dondi" White (April 7, 1961 - October 2, 1998) is considered one of the most influential graffiti artists in the history of the movement?
  • ...that Flyposting is the act of placing advertising posters or flyers in illegal places. In the US, these posters are known as bandit signs, snipe signs, or street spam?
  • ...that TAKI 183 was recognized as the first writer in New York City in the early 1970s?