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The Guardians of Time Trilogy Portal

The aim of this portal is to organise all Guardians of Time pages. The trilogy consists of three books. At the moment, Marianne Curley is working on a separate book, but hasn't ruled out further Guardians of Time novels.

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The Key, by Marianne Curley, is the third and final book from the Guardians of Time Trilogy

In this installment of the series, Matt and Rochelle struggle to deal with the impending battle, which has been predicted to decide the fate of the Named. Meanwhile, tensions have been mounting as romance between the Named forms, much to the displeasure of some characters. A traitor has also been discovered.

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Ethan Roberts

Ethan Roberts is one of the lead characters in the Guardians of Time series by Marianne Curley.

In The Named, Ethan narrates the adventures with Isabel Becket, friend and fellow member of The Guard. Throughout the books Ethan is sixteen and seventeen years old, presumably, based on Isabel's aging. As one of the main characters, Ethan Roberts' personality and past is detailed. At four years old Ethan witnessed his ten-year-old sister, Sera, murdered, as revenge by Marduke, the former guard whom his father disfigured. Following this, his father, Shaun, who was meant to train him, left the Guard. Arkarian took on the responsibility of Ethan as his apprentice, diverting ethan's young brain from insanity.

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  • "I want to take you to a place where it is midnight every day and black irises glisten under a bleeding moon."
  • "So What did they do? Play ping-pong with the universe"

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