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Ismail I

Shah Ismail Khatāī (July 17, 1487 Ardabil – May 23, 1524 Tabriz), known in Persian as Shāh Ismāʿil full name: Abū l-Muzaffar bin Haydar as-Safavī, was a Shah of Iran (1501) and the founder of the Safavid dynasty which survived until 1736. Isma'il started his campaign in Iranian Azerbaijan in 1500 as the leader of the Safaviyya, a Twelver Shia militant religious order, and unified all of Iran by 1509. Born in Ardabil in Northwestern Iran, he reigned as Shah Ismail I of Iran from 1501 to 1524. Ismail was also a prolific poet who, under the pen name Khatā'ī ("Sinner") contributed greatly to the literary development of the Azerbaijani language.


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