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March 18:


  • 1207 - The Buddhist monk Hōnen is exiled to Tosa and Shinran is exiled to Echigo
  • 1860 - A delegation sent to the United States by the Shogunate arrives in San Francisco aboard the Kanrinmaru
  • 1904 - Horse drawn trains disappearwith the completion of an electric train line between Ueno and Asakusa, completing a line that already extended from Shinagawa to Shinbashi and from Shinbashi to Ueno
  • 1931 - Japan's first domestically produced aircraft is completed at the Nakajima Aircraft Factory
  • 1946 - Sixty-three women become Japan's first female police officers
  • 1964 - The first electronic calculators go on sale in Japan, manufactured by Sharp and Sony and costing ¥500,000 each
  • 1984 - The president of Glico is kidnapped and held for ¥1 billion ransom by a man who referred to himself as the "man of 20 faces." The perpetrator was never caught and the statute of limitations expired in 1994.
  • 1989 - Midori Itō wins the World Figure Skating Championships in Paris


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