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Nominating a new sound[edit]

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  1. Add a new selected sound to the next available subpage.
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Selected sound list[edit]

Portal:Java/Selected sound/1[edit]

Falling Shepard tone programmed in Java:       

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Portal:Java/Selected sound/2[edit]

A comment of Paul Deitel on his ATM example

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Portal:Java/Selected sound/3[edit]

Created to imitate a buzzer into a microphone and then taking a 0.05 second clip and repeating it over and over with Java so it actually sounds like a buzzer.

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Portal:Java/Selected sound/4[edit]

In this podcast, Sun's Code for Freedom winner, Angad Singh, discusses his experiences as a campus ambassador:

on Sun

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Portal:Java/Selected sound/5[edit]

Java applet that allows some experimentation with various tunings and Bach temperaments:

on Globetrotter

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