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Kollam (IPA: [koɭɭəm]) About this sound pronunciation  also known by its former name Quilon (Coulão) About this sound pronunciation  and Desinganadu, is an old seaport and city on the Laccadive Sea coast of the Indian state of Kerala. The city is on the banks Ashtamudi Lake. Kollam has had a strong commercial reputation since the days of the Phoenicians and Romans. Fed by the Chinese trade, it was mentioned by Ibn Battuta in the 14th century as one of the five Indian ports he had seen during the course of his twenty-four year travels. Desinganadu's rajas exchanged embassies with Chinese rulers while there was a flourishing Chinese settlement at Kollam. In the 9th Century, on his way to Canton, China, Persian merchant Sulaiman al-Tajir found Kollam to be the only port in India visited by huge Chinese junks. Marco Polo, the Venetian traveller, who was in Chinese service under Kublai Khan in 1275, visited Kollam and other towns on the west coast, in his capacity as a Chinese mandarin.

V. Nagam Aiya in his Travancore State Manual records that in 822 AD two East Syriac bishops Mar Sabor and Mar Proth, settled in Quilon with their followers. Two years later the Malabar Era began (824 AD) and Quilon became the premier city of the Malabar region ahead of Travancore and Cochin. Kollam Port was founded by Mar Sabor at Tangasseri in 825 as an alternative to reopening the inland sea port of Kore-ke-ni Kollam near Backare (Thevalakara), which was also known as Nelcynda and Tyndis to the Romans and Greeks and as Thondi to the Tamils.

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Asramam Adventure Park in Kollam city

Asramam Adventure Park is an urban park in the core Kollam city of Kerala state. It was opened after 1980, on 48 acres (19 ha) of city-owned land. Located beside the Kerala's pride, backwaters of Ashtamudi, this place popularly known as Asramam Picnic Village.

Adventure Park is the main centre of recreational activities in Kollam city. The Kollam District Tourism Promotion Council conducts regular backwater cruises in houseboats, luxury boats and speedboats from the Boat Club. The mangroves near this park is very famous in all over India. So many endagering species of trees are surviving here in the park. There are so many attractions in and around Asramam Adventure Park. 10 splendid artistic sculptors are the major eye-catching attraction in the park.

1. Asramam Park 2. 10 out of 10 for adventure park

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O. Madhavan

O. Madhavan (1922 – 19 August 2005) was an Indian theatre director and actor. He was one of the founding members of the Communist Party of India in Kerala. He is considered as one of the great masters of the theatre, he has made major contributions for the evolution of theatre in Kerala. He was the founder of the renowned drama company Kalidasa Kala Kendram. He won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in 2000 for his role in the film Sayahnam. His wife, Vijayakumari, is an actress herself and his son Mukesh an actor. He also has two daughters, Sandhya Rajendran and Jayasree. Sandhya's Husband, E.A.Rajendran is also a film and television actor. He won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor in 2000 for his movie Sayahnam

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Aerial view of Kollam in 2008



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Ashtamudi Lake - Kollam city
Credit: Arunvrparavur

Ashtamudi Lake (Malayalam: അഷ്ടമുടി കായല്‍) is the second largest lake in Kerala. The lake covers the lion share of Kollam city corporation area. Ashtamudi lake is also holds Kollam city seaplane terminal. The lake was once used as the most popular transportation route in the state. City of Kollam is served by several boats and ferry services, operated by Kerala State Water Transport Department(KSWTD). Daily ferry services from Kollam KSWTD Ferry Terminal, situated on the banks of Lake Ashtamudi, connects the city with the suburbs like Munroe Island, Sampranikkodi, Guhanandapuram, Pezhumthuruthu, Muthiraparamb and Ayiramthengu.

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