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Law Portal selected content

This page lists some of the best pictures related to WikiProject Law. The images are also listed in the category Category:Law Portal selected pictures. The entries are randomly chosen for display on the Law Portal.

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Selected picture 1

Eight men seated in two rows with a line of guards behind them
Photograph taken by the US Government and modified by Beao
The defendants sitting in the dock during the Nuremberg Trials.

Selected picture 2

A man stands in judicial attire
Photograph taken by Steve Petteway for the US Government
John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States since 2005

Selected picture 3

A seated barrister
Image by unknown photographer; uploaded by Cliniic
Jawaharlal Nehru at the Allahabad High Court

Selected picture 4

A statute of a seated judge
Photograph taken by dbking and uploaded by Gary Dee
Chief Justice John Marshall (1755 – 1835), an American statesman and jurist who greatly influenced constitutional law