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Selected pictures archive

Linux API

The Linux API is composed out of the System Call Interface of the Linux kernel, the GNU C Library (by GNU), libcgroup, libdrm, libalsa and libevedv (by freedesktop.org). Portal:Linux/Selected picture/13

Container based on cgroups.

Cgroups are an integral part of the Linux kernel. Container could be based on them. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/12

Low latency between input from the user and output to the user

Linux as gaming platform: everything has to pass through the Linux kernel with as low a latency as possible. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/11

OpenGL on Linux

Video games for Linux do their rendering through OpenGL and their input e.g. through Simple DirectMedia Layer. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/10

The Linux graphic stack

The Linux graphic stack: DRM, KMS driver and Mesa 3D or proprietary drivers like e.g. AMD Catalyst. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/9

LAMP stack

LAMP: Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PHP, is a solution stack for high-availability heavy-duty dynamic web sites. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/8

Ubiquity of the Linux kernel

The Linux kernel drives embedded systems, personal computers and supercomputers. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/7

System Call Interface and the GNU C Library

The Linux kernel System Call Interface and the GNU C Library. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/6

Scheme with the Interfaces of the Linux kernel.

A scheme showing the interfaces of the Linux kernel. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/5

The GNOME 3 desktop environment.

The GNOME 3 desktop environment showing Overview mode ("Activities") in GNOME 3.8. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/4

The Plasma desktop environment.

The Plasma desktop environment from the KDE community. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/3

A map of the Linux kernel. A map of the Linux kernel. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/2

Ubuntu 16.10 English

Ubuntu 16.10 , the latest Linux Ubuntu distribution. Portal:Linux/Selected picture/1