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This is an archive of images that have appeared in the Selected picture section of Portal:Literature in 2007. For past archives, see the complete archive page.

January 2007

Achilles sacrificing to Zeus, from pre-medieval Ambrosian Iliad. (image details)

Image credit: Unknown

February 2007
Bookshop, Tokyo.JPG

Books in a bookstore in Tokyo, Japan. (image details)

Image credit: MichaelMaggs

March 2007
Antoine Wiertz La liseuse de romans.jpg

La liseuse de romans (The reader of novels, 1853) by Antoine Wiertz. (image details)

Image credit: Public Domain

April 2007

Memorial to Cædmon, St Mary's Churchyard, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Great Britain. (image details)

Image credit: Richard Thomas

May 2007

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., United States. (image details)

Image credit: TheAgency, 8 June, 2006

June 2007

The cover of a Northern Song-Dynasty edition of Shuowen Jiezi, a dictionary dedicated to etymological descriptions of Chinese characters. (image details)

Image credit: Public Domain

July 2007
Jack and the Beanstalk Giant - Project Gutenberg eText 17034.jpg

The Giant smells Jack. Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.

English Fairy Tales (1918), by Flora Annie Steel, illustrated by Arthur Rackham. (image details)

Image credit: Public Domain

August 2007

Scriptorium Monk at Work. A monk copies a text from a large book on his writing-table. (image details)

Image source: Blades, William: Pentateuch of Printing with a Chapter on Judges (1891)

September 2007
The Princess - W. S. Gilbert.png

Illustration of W. S. Gilbert's The Princess, reworked later into Princess Ida. (image details)

Image source: D.H.Friston, Illustrated London News, January 29, 1870

October 2007
Max und Moritz.JPG

Illustration of Wilhelm Busch's Max and Moritz. (image details)

Image source: drawn by Wilhelm Busch

November 2007
Hay on Way booksale.jpg

Booksale in Hay-on-Wye, "the town of books", a small market town in Powys, Wales. (image details)

Image source: Aloys5268

December 2007

New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: Upstairs library room in home where downstairs flooded Lakeview neighborhood. Hurricane winds blew out window, but left books in shelves. (image details)

Image source: Infrogmation