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Selected picture

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/1
Ohio Falls Bridge 2007.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Fourteenth Street Bridge, which crosses the Ohio River near the Falls of the Ohio

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/2
LWT Indian.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Louisville Water Tower is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/3
Jefferson County KY Courthouse 2.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Jefferson County Courthouse, built by Gideon Shryock, was completed in 1860.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/4
Lou Confed South.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Louisville Confederate Monument is 70 feet tall and made from granite, with bronze statues.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/5
Rose Island crossing.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Rose Island's bridge remnants is all that is left of the once great park.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/6

Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Schimpff's is legendary for its candy, especially its red hots.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/7
Scribner House in New Albany.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Scribner House, where the founders of New Albany, Indiana lived.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/8
Ben Johnson House.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Ben Johnson House in Bardstown, Kentucky, where the Stars and Bars was first publicly shown.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/9
Becks Mill 09-2007.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Beck's Mill is being restored for its 200th Anniversary

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/10
Tyler park - Louisville.jpg
Photo credit: Ann Omyous
Tyler Park's bridge, made of Indiana Limestone, was designed by John Olmsted.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/11
Fourteen Mile Creek mouth.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
The mouth of Fourteen Mile Creek, in Charlestown,Indiana flowing into the Ohio River.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/12
Pigeon Roost.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Pigeon Roost State Historic Site is the site of a massacre by Shawnee Indians.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/13
Louisville waterfrontpark.jpg
Photo credit: Derek Cashman
Louisville's Waterfront Park was previously the site of scrap yards, sandpits and other industrial sites.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/14
Iroquois park.jpg
Photo credit: Will Marsh
Iroquois Park's northern overlook allows views of Downtown Louisville

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/15
Thunder over louisville.JPG
Photo credit: J. Pogi
Thunder Over Louisville is the world's largest annual firework display.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/16
Photo credit: A. Aspie
George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge was initially opened with a toll of 35 cents.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/17
Great Steamboat Race 1.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
The Great Steamboat Race is usually between the Belle of Louisville and the Delta Queen.

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/18
Louisville City Hall 3.jpg
Photo credit: C. Bedford Crenshaw
Louisville City Hall, made of Indiana limestone from Salem, Indiana

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/19
Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/19

Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/20
Portal:Louisville/Selected picture/20