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Nominations for The Mars Portal

This is the nominations page for "Selected article of the month" section of the Mars Portal. Here is how it works:

  • Scope:
* "Selected article of the month" can be any article related to Mars. The article needs not to be a featured article, but it must be of good quality, well-written and provide a related picture that can be used in this portal (note that some fair-use images aren't not allowed in portalspace).
* "Selected picture of the month" can be any image related to Mars. It should be of good quality and describe the article it is in well. Remember that you can not nominate fair-use images.
* "Selected anniversaries of the month" can be any event related to Mars. The description should have a link to the article where the date came from.
* "Did you know?" can be an interesting or unusual fact related to Mars. The bolded article, where the fact came from, should have 1500 characters with spaces. If you wish, you may also nominate a picture to go with it.
  • To make a nomination, just add the article or picture in the nominations lists.
* Each person can have a maximum of THREE article nominations and THREE picture nominations in the nominations lists at any given time.
* If you have created or contributed extensively to the article/picture yourself, please add "yes" in "self-nomination" cell.
  • To vote for an item, just add your name in the "Votes" cell of that item
* Each person may vote for ONE item per section.
* You may change your vote anytime.
* You are not allowed to vote for your self-nominated article.
* The nomination with the most vote in each section will be removed from the nomination board and be prepared to be shown on the portal at the beginning of the month.
* If two or more items got the same amount of votes, the item higher on the list will be selected
* When the item you voted was selected, you may (and should) vote for a new one. So you are recommended to check this page.

Enjoy !!!

Selected article of the month nomination list[edit]

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Article Proposed image Nominated by Self-nominated? Votes

Selected picture of the month nomination list[edit]

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Picture Caption Nominated by Self-nominated? Votes

Selected anniversaries of the month nomination list[edit]

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Date Event Nominated by Self-nominated? Votes

Did you know? nomination list[edit]

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Fact Picture (optional) Nominated by Self-nominated? Votes