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Selected picture

A sketch of the Zulu leader King Shaka (1781 - 1828)

Belgian paratroopers in Stanleyville during the Congo Crisis, 1964

A "tank cemetery" of redundant military equipment from the Derg regime in Asmara, Ethiopia

A poster celebrating the French capture of Madagascar, 1895

The Battle of Tetuan, part of Leopoldo O'Donnell's Moroccan campaigns on behalf of Spain's Queen Isabella II in the early 1860s
painted by Mariano Fortuny, 1863-73 (MNAC).

File:Alger 5 juillet 1962.(fin de la guerre d'Algérie).jpg
Algerians celebrate their independence from France after the end of the Algerian War, 1962

An American Black Hawk helicopter over Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993.

British General Bernard L. Montgomery pictured during the North African Campaign in World War II

Map of the Allied invasion in North Africa during Operation Torch, World War II.

A Sudanese camel soldier of the British Army

East African soldiers of the British army fighting in Burma during World War II