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The list below shows the status of all articles categorised as belonging to the Roman military as of November 19 2006. It does not include Roman persons (including generals, Roman battles, or Roman legions), since these are too numerous to track effectively.

General articles

Article Class / Status
Military of ancient Rome B
Roman army  ?? (unclassified)
Velites Stub
Hastati Start
Principes  ?? (unclassified)
Triarii  ?? (unclassified)
Equites  ?? (redirect)
Roman legion B
Auxiliaries (Roman military) Start
Comitatenses NA
Limitanei  ?? (unclassified)
Foederati Start
Praetorian Guard B
Vigiles Start
Roman Navy B
Military history of ancient Rome  ?? (unclassified)
Structural history of the Roman military  ?? (unclassified)
Campaign history of the Roman military B
Technological history of the Roman military  ?? (unclassified)
Political history of the Roman military  ?? (unclassified)
Roman infantry tactics B
List of Roman battles  ?? (unclassified)
List of Roman legions B
Roman military engineering  ?? (unclassified)
Castra B
Roman siege engines  ?? (unclassified)
Roman military personal equipment  ?? (unclassified)
Pugio  ?? (unclassified)
Gladius Start
Hasta (spear) Stub
Pilum Start
Scutum (shield)  ?? (unclassified)
Spatha  ?? (unclassified)
Military establishment of the Roman empire B
Military establishment of the Roman Republic B
Military establishment of the Roman kingdom B
De Rebus Bellicis  ?? (unclassified)
Vegetius Start
Testudo formation Start
Vexillum Stub
Aquila (Roman)  ?? (unclassified)
Decimation (Roman Army)  ?? (unclassified)
Donativum  ?? (unclassified)
De Re Militari Start
Accensi  ?? (unclassified)
Maniple (military unit) Start
Rorarius  ?? (unclassified)
Praetorian prefect  ?? (unclassified)
Herculians  ?? (unclassified)
Evocati Augusti Stub
Centurion (Roman army) Start
Aquilifer  ?? (unclassified)
Decurion (military) Stub
Dux  ?? (unclassified)
Evocatus  ?? (unclassified)
Imperator Stub
Legatus  ?? (unclassified)
Optio  ?? (unclassified)
Magister militum Stub
Cohortes urbanae Stub
Frumentarii  ?? (unclassified)
Vexillatio Start
Dromedarii Stub
Bucellarii Stub
Auxilia palatina Stub
Areani Stub
Caligae  ?? (unclassified)
Roman helmet Stub
Roman battering rams Stub
Parma (shield) Stub
Onager (siege weapon) Stub
Lorica manica Stub
Lorica hamata Stub
Limes Arabicus Stub
Galae Stub
Limes  ?? (unclassified)
Contubernium Stub
Comitatenses Palatini Stub
Buccina Stub
Limes Germanicus  ?? (unclassified)
Gask Ridge  ?? (unclassified)
Hadrian's Wall B
Antonine Wall  ?? (unclassified)
Dux Britanniarum  ?? (unclassified)
Count of the Saxon Shore  ?? (unclassified)
Saxon Shore Forts  ?? (unclassified)
Roman infantry types  ?? (unclassified)
Speculatores  ?? (unclassified)
Military diploma Start
Clibanarii Start
Ala Gallorum Indiana Stub
Ala (Roman military) Start
Classis Britannica Start
List of Roman generals  ?? (unclassified)