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Nebraska is a state in the Midwestern and Western part of the United States of America. With an area of 200,520 km² (77,421 sq mi) and a population of 1,826,341 (per the 2010 census), Nebraska is ranked as the 16th largest state by land area, and the 38th by population. Nebraska's name is derived from a Chiwere word meaning "flat water," after the Platte River that flows through the state.

Nebraskans are sometimes colloquially referred to as "Cornhuskers" (which is derived from the University of Nebraska's nickname, the Cornhuskers, later the nickname of the state itself). Once considered part of the Great American Desert, it is now a leading farming state.


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Nebraska wine is wine made from grapes grown in the U.S. state of Nebraska. Nebraska's oldest winery was founded in 1994, and about twenty commercial wineries operate across the state. The vast majority of these wineries are small and sell most of their wine to tourists who visit in person. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has a program in viticulture. There are no designated American Viticultural Areas in Nebraska.

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