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While the New York Roads Portal itself only dates back to 2010, the origins of the portal date as far back as 2006. Below is a brief history of the portal and its predecessors.


  • February 12: User:Censorwolf creates {{Featurednysr}}, a talk page template to be placed on the "featured articles" of the New York State routes WikiProject (NYSR). The template was a New York variant of {{Featuredcsh}}, created by User:Bennyp81 for the California State Highways WikiProject on April 18, 2005. At the time, there was no process to determine which articles should be project featured articles.
  • October 3: User:TwinsMetsFan adds {{Featurednysr}} to the talk page of New York State Route 208 (NY 208), recognizing NY 208 as the project's first project featured article. It remains NYSR's lone project featured article well into November.
  • November 21: User:TwinsMetsFan creates what is now the selected article nomination page, launching the selected article process that remains in place to this day. NY 52 is the first article chosen as a project featured article under this format.


  • August 16: The project featured articles are renamed "selected articles", eliminating potential confusion with the Wikipedia-wide featured articles chosen by Wikipedia:Featured articles. {{Featurednysr}} is renamed accordingly to {{NYSR-SA}}.


  • March 30: The selected article department of NYSR becomes the basis for the new New York Roads Portal, created to showcase the ever-increasing amount of quality content produced by NYSR and its editors. The move also comes as the U.S. Roads Portal puts a greater emphasis on showcasing content from all regions of the country, giving less exposure to established states such as New York. The selected article department is moved into portal space, and NY 420 is the first selected article to appear on the portal's front page.
  • May 25: {{NYSR-SA}} is deleted after its functionality is included in {{U.S. Roads WikiProject}}, the assessment banner used by the U.S. Roads WikiProject and all of its subprojects.