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Suggestions for the Selected article for the North Carolina Portal:[edit]

Nominations for articles here can occur at any time. A new article will be selected on the 14th of each month to be posted on the 15th. Nominations need to be open for an article for at least one week before they can be selected for the Portal page.

Articles nominated need not be an actual Wikipedia Featured Articles. They should at least be GA-class articles per the WikiProject North Carolina Article Grading and Ranking system. Please also state which picture should be used to illustrate the article on the portal page.

PLEASE NOTE: Nomination discussions will be archived once accepted or after 60 days if not accepted.


Gregory Helms[edit]

I want to get the ball rolling on the next feature. I had nothing to do with writing or reviewing this article, but it's an interesting deviation from what the portal has done so far. I vaguely recall this wrestler from my youth, but don't think he was all that important. Still, he's a pure North Carolina product in a popular field of entertainment, and would be a lighthearted relief from colleges, parks, and history. I think it likely needs a thorough comb-through, since the GA reviewer was apparently also a wrestling fan, but overall it appears well-written. - Cdtew (talk) 16:29, 15 February 2013 (UTC)

Illustrative image: File:The Hurricane - World Tag Team Champion.jpg
  • Tentative Support - As nominator; Pending at least a read-through and dablinks/linkrot checks - Cdtew (talk) 16:29, 15 February 2013 (UTC)


(Reason) - (Signed)

Illustrative image: File:example.jpg
  • Support - (reason) - (signed)
  • Oppose - (reason) - (signed)

Past selected articles[edit]