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Port Moresby Town (part of the city center), Papua New Guinea.

Port Moresby /ˌpɔːrt ˈmɔːrzbi/, or Pot Mosbi in Tok Pisin, is the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Papua, on the southeastern coast of the island of New Guinea. In 2009 it had a population of 307,643, with an annual growth rate of 2.1% per annum over a nine year period. Although Port Moresby is surrounded by Central Province, of which it is also the capital, it is not part of that province, but forms the National Capital District.

According to a survey of world cities by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist, Port Moresby is one of the world's least livable cities (ranked 137 of 140 cities rated) and the worst capital city in the world to live in. High levels of rape, robbery and murder and large areas of the city controlled by gangs of thugs, known locally as "rascals" (raskol in Tok Pisin), were cited.

Port Moresby has a tropical wet and dry climate with relatively constant temperatures throughout the year. The wet season starts in December and ends in May; the dry season covers the remaining six months. Port Moresby's average yearly rainfall is just over 1000 mm. Average daily high temperatures range from 28°C to 32°C depending on time of year, while the average low temperature shows very little seasonal variation, hovering around the 24°C mark. It tends to be slightly cooler in the city during the dry season.

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