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Selected biography list[edit]

biographies 1 - 10[edit]

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/1

Thorpe posing in his football uniform in the late 1910s or early 1920s.

James Francis "Jim" Thorpe (Sac and Fox (Sauk): Wa-Tho-Huk, translated as "Bright Path"; was an American athlete of mixed ancestry (Native American and Caucasian). Considered one of the most versatile athletes of modern sports, he won Olympic gold medals for the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon, played American football (collegiate and professional), and also played professional baseball and basketball. He lost his Olympic titles after it was found he was paid for playing two seasons of semi-professional baseball before competing in the Olympics, thus violating the amateurism rules. In 1983, 30 years after his death, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) restored his Olympic medals.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/2

Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player and active businessman. His biography on the National Basketball Association (NBA) website states, "By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time." Jordan was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world in the 1980s and 1990s.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/3

Ellen van Dijk

Eleonora "Ellen" van Dijk is a Dutch professional road and track racing cyclist riding for Velocio–SRAM Pro Cycling. Van Dijk is a time trial specialist and became 2008 World Track Champion in the scratch race and 2012 Road World Champion in team time trial.

Van Dijk started as a speed skater and as part of her skating training she undertook cycling as part of cross-training in summer. She excelled at both, competing nationally at junior level. After becoming a national cycling champion for the fifth time in 2007, she quit speed skating and became a full-time cyclist. Along with her world title successes, Van Dijk has also twice been European track champion, twice European time trial champion and has won five world cup races. In 2012 she competed in three disciplines at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where she helped Marianne Vos win the gold medal in the road race, finished eighth in the time trial and sixth in the team pursuit.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/4 Jacobus Franciscus "Jim" Thorpe (May 28, 1888 – March 28, 1953)[1] was an American athlete. Considered one of the most versatile athletes in modern sports, he won Olympic gold medals in the 1912 pentathlon and decathlon, played American football at the collegiate and professional levels, and also played professional baseball and basketball. He lost his Olympic titles after it was found he was paid for playing two seasons of semi-professional baseball before competing in the Olympics, thus violating the amateur status rules.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/5

Scott and Gerschwiler.jpg

Barbara Ann Scott, (born May 9, 1928 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is a four-time Canadian figure skating Champion (1944-46, 48). She is the 1948 Olympic Champion and two-time World Champion (1947–1948) in ladies singles. Known as "Canada's Sweetheart", she is the only Canadian to win the ladies singles figure skating gold medal, the first North American to win three major titles in one year and the only Canadian to win the European Championship (1947–1948). During her forties she was rated among the top equestrians in North America. She has received many honours and accolades, including being made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1991 and a member of the Order of Ontario in 2008.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/6

Eric Brewer

Eric Charles Brewer is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who is currently serving as captain for the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League. Drafted in the first round, fifth overall by the New York Islanders in the 1997 NHL Entry Draft, Brewer has spent portions of his eight–year NHL career with the Islanders, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Blues. He has also suited up for the Prince George Cougars of the Western Hockey League and the Lowell Lock Monsters of the American Hockey League.Brewer is an NHL All-Star and Olympic gold medalist. Overall, he has represented Canada at eight International Ice Hockey Federation sanctioned events, winning three Ice Hockey World Championships gold medals and one World Cup of Hockey gold medal. His Olympic gold medal came during the 2002 Winter Olympics and he was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame with his fellow British Columbians from the 2002 Canadian Olympic men's ice hockey team in 2003 for this accomplishment.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/7 Coroebus of Elis (commonly spelled Koroibos) was a humble Elean baker[2] and athlete who won the stadion race in the first recorded Ancient Olympic Games in 776 BC.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/8 Tony Marchant, also known as "Tippy" Marchant (born August 28, 1937) is a former Australian track cyclist who along with Ian Browne won the 2000 m tandem event at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. Marchant had little formal training and only took up the sport at the age of 16 because his friends liked the sport. In 1955, Marchant shot to prominence after only two years in the sport, winning the 500 m time trial and the 5 mile event at the Junior Australian Championships. This resulted him being approached by Browne to team up in early 1956 and they promptly won the tandem event at the national championships to earn national selection. The pair were eliminated after losing their first two races but were given a reprieve when the Soviet Union pair were hospitalised in a crash and forced to withdraw. Thereafter Marchant and Browne were unbeaten and progressed to an unlikely Olympic gold. In 1957, Marchant retired to play Australian rules football, again basing his decision on his friends' interests. In 1958 he made a brief comeback as a professional, but with only sporadic success, he retired in 1961.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/9 Robert "Bob" George Windle (born November 7, 1944 in Sydney) was an Australian sprint and long distance freestyle swimmer of the 1960s, who won the gold medal in the 1500 m freestyle and the bronze medal in relay at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and the silver and bronze medals in relay at the following Olympic games. Known for his versatility, he represented Australia at all freestyle distances at the Olympics from 100 m to 1500 m; the only Australian male to do so, winning medals in both the shortest and longest distances at Olympic level. Windle set six world records over his career, won six Commonwealth Games golds and 19 Australian Championships in all distances from 220 yd up to 1650 yd. Windle's first major athletic competition appearance was at 15 years of age at the 1960 Australian Championships. His second place finish there in the 1650 yd freestyle earned him a spot on the Australian swimming team at the 1960 Summer Olympics held in Rome. However, he was only taken along to gain experience and did not compete. He won his first national title in 1961 and won the 220–440–1650–yd treble in 1962. Windle made his international debut at the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games in Perth, winning gold in the 4 × 220 yd freestyle and silver and bronze in the 440 and 880 yd freestyle events respectively.

Portal:Olympics/Selected athlete/10

Martin Brodeur

Martin Pierre Brodeur (born May 6, 1972, in Montreal, Quebec) is a professional ice hockey goaltender who has played his entire National Hockey League career with the New Jersey Devils. In his 15-year tenure, he has led the team to three Stanley Cup championships and has taken them to the playoffs all but once. He holds more than thirty Devils franchise records. Brodeur has been among the NHL's most consistent goaltenders over the past decade, winning at least 35 games each of the last ten seasons as well as being the only goalie in NHL history with seven 40-win seasons. He is a three-time Vezina Trophy winner, a four-time Jennings Trophy winner, an eight-time NHL All Star, and one of only two NHL goaltenders to have scored goals in the regular season and the playoffs. In the 2006-07 NHL season, Brodeur surpassed Terry Sawchuk and Ed Belfour on the all-time wins list and Glenn Hall on the all-time shutouts list to rank 2nd in each of those categories. He also passed Bernie Parent's record of 47 single-season wins with his 48th win on April 5, 2007.


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