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Pendeli is a wide mountainous region demarcating the athenian, the mesogean and the marathonian plain in the northeastern part of the Attica Periphery in Greece. During the era of ancient Greece, it was the seat of a highland town called Pendeli, little of which is now known. The mountain was cited in ancient scripts as "Vrilissos", due to the great white marbles and stones mined out of it and used for the construction of great Greek monuments such as the Parthenon. For the deme it hosted, the mountain was often called mountain Pendelikon (the mountain of the Pendelic town), or simply Pendeli and the marbles "Pendelikon marmaron".

During the medieval times, the bishop of Evripos, Agios Timotheos decided to build a great monastery in honour of Panagia on the hills of the mountain. After the great monastery was completed, the bishop decided to seek financial self-governance, in order for it to flourish. That resulted in large parts of the mountain being under the use and governance of the monastery, with great pieces of land claimed among Agios Timotheos, Agia Philothei and Agios Ierakas, while the mountain began to host anchoretes all over its caves and hills. At that time, due to the wide spread of asceticism, the mountain was called mountain Amonon (Όρος Αμώνων), meaning "mountain of the ascetics". After the Turkish occupation, many Sarakatsanoi sheperds from Sterea Ellada and islanders who later came to work at the mines that were opened, were the first permanent residents of the region.

During recent hellenic history, Pendeli attracted many Athenians who sought a better place to reside near the forests and in a good climate, while the city of Athens was rapidly developed. The central village around the monastery developed into a town, subdivided afterwards into two settlements parted by the great stream of Vrilissos, the Pendeli and Nea Pendeli, whereas the southern urban town was named after the mountain's ancient name, Vrilissia. Many Athenian suburbs and towns began to blossom around the mountain, and these are known for their natural beauty such as Ekali, Dionyssos, Drosia, Vrilissia, Gerakas, Pikermi and others.

Did You Know?

Marble workshops

  • ...that the Pendeliko hosted workers from all over the greek islands at its marble workshops that flourished due to the world known marble of Penteli?
  • ...that the main pit used for the mables' storage at the foot of the Patima hill was transformed into the local theatre of Vrilissia named after the famous greek actress Aliki Vougiouklaki that was born at the neighbouring Municipality of Maroussi?
  • ...that the city was connected in the mid 2000s with all the metro, railway lines, highways and other means of transport, facilitating the transit from the suburbs to the mesogea and the athenian plain in less than 25 minutes?
  • ...that the town of Pikermi is a worldwide known place as the "Akropolis of Paleontology" due to the numerous fossils found of wild fauna belonging to the late Miocene at the southern hills of Pendeliko?


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