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Selected picture 1

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/1

A Pleyel piano (Paris, post-1927) with two keyboards at the MIM, Berlin
Credit: Morn
A Pleyel et Cie double-manual piano (Paris, post-1927) at the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum

Selected picture 2

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/2

Lyre piano (Berlin, around 1840) at the Musical Instrument Museum, Berlin
Credit: Morn
A Lyre piano (Berlin, c. 1840) at the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum

Selected picture 3

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/3

Upright piano with Jankó keyboard at the MIM, Berlin.
Upright piano with Jankó keyboard

Selected picture 4

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/4

Square piano (Riga, around 1855)
Square piano (Riga, around 1855). The circular red pads to the left and right of the keyboard are for candlesticks.

Selected picture 5

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/5

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Girls at the Piano, 1892 - Musée d'Orsay, Paris
Jeunes filles au piano ("Girls at the Piano"), 1892 painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Selected picture 6

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/6

Floor piano at FAO Schwarz, NYC
Light-up floor piano at the FAO Schwarz store in Manhattan. It was featured in the 1988 Tom Hanks film Big, in which Hanks and Robert Loggia danced "Heart & Soul" and "Chopsticks" on it.

Selected picture 7

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/7

Wurlitzer piano
Credit: Iko1992/Morn
A dismantled Wurlitzer electric piano

Selected picture 8

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/8

George Goodwin Kilburne (1839–1924): The Piano Lesson (1871)
George Goodwin Kilburne (1839–1924): The Piano Lesson (1871)

Selected picture 9

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/9

A cat playing the piano
A cat playing the piano, from an 18th-century German postcard

Selected picture 10

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/10

Some Steinway family members (1890)
Some Steinway family members in 1890

Selected picture 11

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/11

Welte piano factory, 1912
M. Welte & Söhne piano factory in Freiburg im Breisgau in 1912

Selected picture 12

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/12

Recording a grand piano in the studio
Credit: eyeliam on Flickr
A Yamaha C7 grand piano miked for audio recording. The placement of the microphones—especially their distance to the strings—has a major influence on the tonal qualities of the piano in the recording (such as whether it will sound bright or mellow).

Selected picture 13

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/13

Schematic of a piano
Credit: Olek Remesz/Bechstein (latter not the company)
Schematic diagram of a grand piano

Selected picture 14

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/14

Römhildt piano
Credit: Bechstein on Wikimedia Commons (not related to the company)
Detail of a Römhildt piano manufactured in Weimar

Selected picture 15

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/15

Yamaha Disklavier
Credit: Yamaha Corporation
A Yamaha Disklavier, a modern reproducing piano (a piano able to mechanically play itself)

Selected picture 16

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/16

Interior of a grand piano.
Credit: Opus33
Interior of a grand piano demonstrating the concept of duplex scaling, where the portion of the string past the pin blocks vibrates in harmony with the main string.

Selected picture 17

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/17

Frame of an Estonia piano
Credit: Epp
The bare wood frame of an Estonia piano

Selected picture 18

Portal:Piano/Selected picture/18

Metropolitan Opera House, a concert by pianist Josef Hofmann (1937)
A sold-out 1937 concert by pianist Josef Hofmann at the Metropolitan Opera House