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Pichilemu Portal Banner.jpg
Beach of Pichilemu in 2008.

Pichilemu (Mapudungun: Small forest) is a beach resort city in central Chile. It is the capital of Cardenal Caro Province, and it is home to five historic monuments of Chile (Agustín Ross Cultural Centre (ex-Casino), Agustín Ross Park, Pichilemu railway station, El Árbol tunnel and Caballo de Agua) and was declared a "Zona Típica" (English: Traditional Area or Heritage Site) by National Monuments Council in 2004. As of 2002, 12,392 people were residing in Pichilemu.

Pichilemu was founded on December 22, 1891 by decree of President Jorge Montt and his Interior Minister Manuel José Irarrázabal. It was conceived as a beach resort for upper-class Chileans by Agustín Ross Edwards, a Chilean politician and member of the Ross Edwards family.

The city is part of District No. 35 and belongs to the 9th senatorial constituency of O'Higgins Region electoral division. Pichilemu is the main beach in O'Higgins Region, known as a place to surf, windsurf and funboard. Several surf championships take place in the city.

Tourism is the main industry of the city, but forestry and handicraft are also important. Pichilemu has many expansive dark sand beaches. Surfing competitions are frequently held at Punta de Lobos, which according to Fodor's is "widely considered the best surfing in South America year-round."

Selected article

Pichilemu town hall in June 2010.
The Pichilemu town hall (Spanish: Municipalidad de Pichilemu) is a building located in Pichilemu, Chile, which serves as the city's administrative headquarters. It was constructed from 1891 until May 6, 1894.

The building is located in the Ángel Gaete street, in a terrain with 1.660 m2 that descends suddenly from the street level. It is conformed by a 2-floors building, a zócalo, a complementary construction (260 m2) and a yard. The yard serves as car parking for the municipality trucks, has a store and the corral municipal.

The building was not constructed for that purpose, and doesn't works as an unitary building but as 4 separated parts.

Selected biography

Jorge Vargas in front of Pichilemu town hall.
Jorge Vargas González (Pichilemu, February 8, 1967) is a Chilean politician, singer, composer, and the mayor of Pichilemu from 1997 to 2007.

Jorge Vargas was born on February 8, 1967 in Pichilemu. He completed his primary education in Colegio Preciosa Sangre and Colegio E-367 in Pichilemu; and he completed his secondary school in Instituto Regional Federico Errázuriz in Santa Cruz, and Liceo C-25 in Pichilemu.

He studied Pedagogy in Physical Education in Catholic University of Chile, in Maule between 1987 and 1991; and between 1993 and 1994, he obtained the technical degree on administrative management in Universidad Metropolitana de las Ciencias de la Educación. He's also degree in education with a specialization in educational administration and MA in management and planning, in the Diego Portales University.

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