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September 4

Aerial view of Estádio da Luz, S.L. Benfica's football stadium.

Source: sxc.hu.

August 28


August 14


July 31


July 17
Porto3flat-cc-contr-oliv1002 edit2.jpg

Panoramic view of the historical part of Porto, featuring the river Douro.

Photo credit: User:Olegivvit. Edited by User:Diliff.

July 3

Panoramic of the 25 de Abril Bridge, that links Lisbon and Almada.

Photo credit: Stock.xchng

June 19

Lisbon Oceanarium, a marine biology museum and one of the largest aquariums in the world.

Photo credit: Nol Aders

June 5
Lisbon monument.jpg
Padrão dos Descobrimentos, Sculpture on the Age of Discovery and Portuguese navigators in Lisbon. Photo credit: Abelson

May 22
The portrait of António Salazar being removed from the headquarters of the political police, the PIDE, during the Carnation Revolution of 1974.

May 8
Mosteiro dos Geronimos 2.JPG
The Hieronymites Monastery (Mosteiro dos Jerónimos).

April 24
Political poster issued by the United People Alliance, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution.

April 17

April 10

April 3

March 27
The Portuguese participation in World War I started when Portugal was forced by Britain to confiscate the German ships interned in Portuguese ports. Germany reacted by declaring war on Portugal, thus forcing the Portuguese into the war, on the Allies side.

March 20
Js-municiamento f-84.jpg
A Portguguese F-84 being loaded with amunition in the 60's, at the Luanda Air Base, during the Portuguese Colonial War

March 13
Convento-de-Cristo manuelina.jpg
Window of the Convent of the Order of Christ, in Tomar, a Templar stronghold built by Dom Gualdim Pais, provincial Master of the Order of the Temple in 1160.

March 6
Assembleia Republica Portugal 3.JPG
The Assembly of the Republic (Portuguese: Assembleia da República) is the Portuguese parliament; its building in Lisbon is referred to as São Bento Palace (Saint Benedict's Palace).

February 28
Batalha de Aljubarrota 02.jpg
The battle of Aljubarrota took place on August 14, 1385, between Portuguese forces commanded by King John I of Portugal and his general Nuno Álvares Pereira, and the Castilian army of John I of Castile.