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  • June 23 - Orangutans, not chimpanzees, are the closest living relatives to humans, a controversial new study contends. Read more
  • June 15 - Monkeys use alarm calls to scam food... Read more
  • June 4 - According to a new study, the ape laughs—which would mean we're not the only animals born with funny bones. Read more


  • May 14 - Nearly a thousand long-tailed macaques live in Lopburi, near Bangkok, Thailand. Volunteers care for the monkeys when they are sick or injured. Read more
  • May 12 - Gorillas are no dummies, zoo study shows. Read more
  • May 12 - A sanctuary is giving chimpanzees a second chance at life by rescuing them from harmful and abusive zoos, research laboratories, circuses, and homes. Read more


  • April 13 - Up to 2,000 new orangutans found on borneo. Read more
  • April 7 - Chimps trade meat for sex -- And it works. Read more
  • April 2 - Orangutan females steal food to test potential mates. Read more
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  • March 24 Looters are invading the African island country's protected wildlife sanctuaries, harvesting trees and threatening critically endangered lemurs and other species. Read more